This is a topic I wanted to avoid for some time, not because I was trying to hide who I am but because so many things are going on that I want to give every issue the full attention it truly deserves.

Tom Raspotnik, has begun an Internet rumor that I am a sex offender. This is nothing but a reactionary tactic in response to legally obtaining the Temples of Satan. Tom seeks to smear my name and create a reputation through lies and the use of Social Media.

Tom has promoted the idea of the Temples of Satan for over 11 years but had no legal status nor any recognizable church or religion. I didn’t know he wasn’t legally recognized in my dealings with Tom but I would find out in the future. I trusted him that he was an official of a legally recognized church and a man who spoke truth and honesty. I learned that he is a fraud and scam artist and is giving the religion of Satanism a bad name. So I am being attacked based on lies, I am being slandered by allegations that are not true and it will only ruin my name if believed by those who have also been fooled by this man. My name and my reputation are fine. Tom Erik Raspotnik is just upset because I had the brains to obtain the Temples of Satan legally and it is pressing forward and gaining speed. Rest assured, good things will come of this strategic move that I make, not only on behalf of myself, but in the spirit of forming a real Satanic community.

Using smear campaigns against those who are true to themselves and their path is for those that have no path or religion of their own. Tom has written articles about me based on his own failings and ‘need to believe’ shotty detective work. My lover fed right into Tom’s hand, he is a manipulator and fraud by profession after all. The public is free to dig into my background, but they should also consider the backgrounds of my accusers. Things are not as they appear, I could outline the details of my past relationship, but frankly the details would give me the appearance of guilt by association. Instead I’ll focus on the accusations being made:

1. I am a low-life that does not support his child.
a. The fact is, I have no evidence that this is my child. I have asked for a paternity test on countless occasions to no avail.
b. As noted, due to the nature of our ‘relationship’, my ex had multiple sex partners and pinning the tale on the donkey would be best served as a metaphor here.

2. I abandoned a woman with a child.
a. The situation was such a high stress for me, I had to call the police station to remove myself from the situation which was taking its toll on me mentally as well as physically.
b. I made a choice, one that was best for me overall. My methods may be considered unconventional, but I’m a rather unconventional guy. Due to my condition, I’ve spent time in mental health facilities. I know that the worst you can make it sound, the faster they respond. I did not want to say what needed to be said. I admit, I wanted to bash my head in the wall and hope I would have died but I did what I did for my own sanity. I told the police that I was not only a danger to myself but the children as well. I was not ‘arrested’, I turned myself over to the mental health system. I would never harm a single hair on those children never in a million years. I cared for them 24/7 while their mother was absent and ‘pre-occupied’. When you want to get out of a hellish situation you will say almost anything.

I have published my full legal name, a copy of the IRS document with the EIN# tied to the Temples of Satan in my name. I am not hiding, we all have a past, I choose to look to the future. It is for that reason that I issue this public statement in response to the Tom Erik Raspotnik whistle blower. He really is the Blobtard, cancer of social media, the irony. Just months ago I was defending him against such accusations made by Sin Jones. Kudos to you Sin for bringing this to the public attention, and jerking me out of the haze.

By Reverend Gino Vaglivielo