Apology To Barbara Sobel

I Would Like To Publically Apologize To Barbara Sobel

AUTHOR: ReverendTomErikRaspotnik - Shelby (United States of America)

From the Desk of Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik
The end of the fight with Barbara Sobel (The Church Of Malphas)

 I Would Publically Like To Apologize To Barbara Sobel  I apologize for being sexually attracted to her and did not stop when she refused my advances.  I was hurt at her rejection and posted negative comments about her, untruths and made fake websites.

We pushed the occult community as we waged campaigns which invented and deployed tactics that anyone should fear but at its end I found someone who I feel is a strong female and while I may never agree it is far better to agree to disagree and carry on with our business, than to continue bashing and creating content that has nothing for one another and has created many negative content, should in the future you find this content ignore it and inform me if its mine, so I may remove it and let this matter rest.

I can never seek a friendship from Barbara Sobel but I can say this she is a great women I cannot agree
with her views but as always people are individuals and have many ideologies and I am moving past this all today.

I wish the Church Of Malphas no ill harm, and wish them luck on their future projects.  

The Church has always been open to me teaching there, and I may take them up on their offer.

I shall post no more content.  Any other content  about Barbara Sobel from this day forward should be deemed fake 

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik
Tom/ CEO Flagship Media