1. He claims to be a legally recognized and legitimate church

2. He claims to have held a 501(c)3 Non-profit status

3. He claims to have collected over 50,000 in donations to build a church

4. He has been making these claims since the mid-90′s, but got more progressive in his tactics in the year 2000.

5. He attacks groups and individuals in a tactic to take out his ‘competition’.

6. He uses threats of physical violence, intimidation tactics, and smear campaigns to prevent a formal complaint from being made about his Internet activities.

7. The ‘lot’ in which he claims is the location of his ‘church’, is for sale, with a mobile home parked on the portion of the lot. This same address, has also been alleged to be the location of a failed escort business, HQ to ‘Flagship Media’, ‘Flagship Productions’, and other marketing scams.

8. This man appeared on The History Channel’s ‘Nostradamus Effect: Satan’s Army’ for about 8 seconds of footage, of which he uses to validate his ‘real’ persona and organization.

9. This man has claimed to have murdered people.

10. This man has claimed to have sacrificed animals in ‘Satanic Ritual’, but purports that the ‘Satanism’ he believes in and practices is of the Sumerian people, and other areas of Ancient Mesopotamia. It is not to be confused with Modern Satanism as written about by Anton Szandor LaVey.

11. His ‘targets’ are groups or individuals he sees as having too much real-estate in Internet search engines, and social networking.

12. There is a pending criminal investigation with the FBI iC3 unit, to establish this man’s true identity, and to put a halt to his Internet activities. It may also lead to further investigation into his alleged ‘criminal’ activities such as human trafficking, drugs, murder, and stalking.

If you have encountered this man in any social media, BE AWARE, BE ALERT.