Hiring Sex Offender

Yes it is true. Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik had an “ordained priest” Helfried F. Alberer who is a Registered Child Sex Offender as one of the clergy at his Temples Of Satan Religious Organization.
Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik, refuses to discuss or publicly denounce the actions of a priest within his organization.

Helfried is good friends with Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik, so good that Tom ordained Helfried in the Temples of Satan, which is currently closed. Helfried’s home is where the yearly meet for the Temples of Satan would meet for their yearly gathering. We have been informed that children where at these events and only wonder what video footage was taken during this yearly gathering?

Since, the Temples of Satan is down and the Church of Leviathan is now in place of it, Pope Robert Fraize hired Helfried to record and take photos at his son’s recent birthday party back in March. These are the folks protecting you from cults, frauds, and dangerous people; yet they hire a known child pornographer to host church meetings and record said meetings along with children’s birthday parties.