Please listen to the hour long radio show with Sin Jones telling how Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Works.
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Please Read The Section Discussing How Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Hired Convicted Sex Offenders and Child Pornographers For His Temples Of Satan As A Reverend.

Tom Erik Raspotnik (aka Grand Magister Blackwood)
has 'attacked' groups and individuals through his smear campaigns and intimidation tactics. He runs a church scam (by many names) in which he uses social networking platforms to cull in members for cash donations and membership fees. He will then roll up the site, and advise the public of his 'change in direction' leaving the members without an organization, or any material value for their fees paid.

Temples of Satan
Church of Theistic Satanism
Theistic Network

Are recent names titles for his organizations. Plenty of evidence has been collected to prove his fraud and scam. Alison Jones, aka SIN JONES of The Poison Apple is a subject of smear for revealing his pyramid marketing scam on her pod-cast Poison Apple Radio.

Countless screen captures are on file in which Tom Raspotnik first claims he is a federally recognized church. Later, he back-peddles stating he just meets the criteria, and later still he states he 'changed his mind' about filing for legal status.

He claims to have collected over 45K in 'donations' last year alone (boasting I'm sure), and that these 'donations' fund 'Church Projects'. These 'projects' are apparently the many social networking platforms he uses to troll, attack, and smear others as 'Victories' he can announce on his account "Voice of Satanism".

As recently as 3/7/12, he announced that he has left his church, (he has made this announcement several times over the course of 2 years) so that he can 'filet his enemies'.

The smear launched against Alison Jones aka SIN JONES range from theft, prostitution, and carrying HEP C. Many of these campaigns are launched in blogs, tweets, youtube videos, cartoon satire, etc. The idea is to get as much content into webcrawlers as possible to deter visits to The Poison Apple website.

While the traffic appears to be unaffected by this campaign, it is unknown as the affects of this 'smear' on sales and/or potential traffic to the site.

I'm posting this complaint as a public service announcement.