Rip Off Report 2

Ok, where to begin with this? I just started to lern bout Satanism, and I met this Rev Tom guy and I dont understand a damn thing he goes on and on about, hmm. He says that Satan is either Marduk or some black dragon called ningashinga or some shit. Last I saw, Satan was a red skinned, cloven foot prince of hell. He tried to say the dragon from revelations is this sumerian dragon. WTF?!?! Then this guy wnt on and on about how he "fucked" all these women and their kids while using a magical gernade? WTF is that??? Then he told me about his free book on a site called Lulu, I downloaded and found this:

Satan Speaks Regarding Animal Sacrifice and Traditional Satanism. Originally Published 2005 Temples of Satan: Grand Magister Blackwood Satan has no love or desire to be compassionate to those of you who support PETA or other organizations that would take away the right to practice Satanism the correct way.

The sacrificial rites and practices of Satanism, and the killing of creatures is a personal choice, this choice simply depends on the rituals that the adept uses. The Temples of Satan official policy regarding this simply the “freedom of choice.” As a accomplished adept I have used animals selected for sacrificial rites and rituals, I would even consider a person, should a person harm someone close to me, such as a relative or loved one.

Selection of a sacrifice is best determined by the magical needs or the magical goals of the adept involved in the ritual. I have never personally had to slay a person, however many of goat and sheep have been slain to perform various rituals to The Lord and Master Satan. So he commits mureder, sacrise, and rape. Is this a real Satanic Priest?