Statements Of Intention

Tom Erik Raspotnik’s Blatant Statements Of Intention

Tom Erik Raspotnik’s blatant statements of intention. Tom can state his opinions as “facts”, but he has been proven time and time again to be putting on theater and posturing. He wants this site taken down, because his claims have been proven to be FALSE and his smear campaigns revealed. He is merely attempting to take out competitors and/or ‘enemies’ as he sees them.

Tom & Co. have blatantly fabricated false allegations of theft, rape, child abuse, affiliations with NAMBLA, scams, and other nonsense as a way to intimidate and extort Satanists into abandoning projects and alienating those affiliated with his targets (even if HE chooses the affiliation). At one time Tom Raspotnik claimed that Jake Nicholson II was a member of ToSNA. He has never been a member or affiliated, but was attacked by Tom regardless of the facts. Only Jake can explain his actions against those who assisted him in a time of need. He has offered some semblance of explanation in recent blogs; however he appears to have his own personal agendas as stated.  Tom turns his attention to a group attack as he finds this strategy more impacting in addition to more personal attacks.  These are his ideas, his thoughts, and don’t always have the effects he hopes for so he shifts focus as he sees a need.  Thus, his erratic behavior is demonstrated as he continues to throw shit against the wall hoping something sticks.

Tom Erik Raspotnik has ZERO power which is why he works around the clock to produce content claiming victories and WINS as he sees them for public consumption.  This can be likened to Romanization.  The Roman Empire is renowned for writing the histories that record ‘wins’ even if no war was fought to give future generations a history to be proud of, and give strength and longevity to the empire.  Tom continues to revel against what he refers to his ‘critics’ and ‘detractors’ because the vast majority sees him for what he really is.  This is evident in his inflections when delivering his voice blogs.  He tells on himself at every turn, and critically thinking people sit in awe and wonderment, asking themselves: How does he go on?  I can offer this answer:  Complacency, herd-mentality, and the zombification of the human race.  Those more awakened and aware see this guy as a problematic social cancer that should be dealt with as such.

And the blog continues…

Sin Jones